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272 – Cari Lekebusch


Cari Lekebusch is a Stockholm-based Techno DJ/Producer, he is also the founder of the H.Productions record label. In the early nineties he was a member of SweMix, alongside Denniz Pop and StoneBridge. He’s also collaborated with some of the finest producers around; Adam Beyer, Joel Mull, Alexi Delano, Par Grindvik and Jesper Dahlback being some of those producers. The man isn’t shy of an alias too, he’s recorded under the names of; Fred, Mr Barth, Braincell, Shape Changer, Vector, and The Mantis. Today he showcases his considerable knowledge in music for our Data Transmission podcast… we think you are going to enjoy this one a whole bunch. Sum up this podcast in 10 words… A hybrid of hot cuts fresh from my HPHQ kitchen!   What¹s your personal favourite track on it?I would have to say my favorite track would be Alexi Delano & Hans Bouffymyher – Take 2. The track is from a forthcoming collaboration project that Alexi has put together for my H-Productions label with him producing tracks with a whole range of producers. I particularly like this track because I think the combination of Alexi and Hans’ styles has made something really special. Of course I have been a huge fan of Alexi’s music for ever, he and I go way back. Hans is one of the new school of techno producers that really excites me and I have been a huge supporter of his Sleaze label from the start. I guess I had high expectations for this track when I heard about it but those expectations have been met and then some. It really is a standout for me on this mix.  What¹s the special ingredient in this mix?The vast majority of the tracks I have used on this mix are very new; many are only just on promo or just demos so they are not records that i have been playing for a while or knew very well before I did the mix. I find it really exciting when that happens because it takes me slightly out of my comfort zone and I find that lends a dynamic edge to my mixes and I am really thinking on the fly as to which tracks to use and when to play them. It doesn’t always work out like this but there just seems to have been a glut of really cool promos in the last couple of weeks so there was an opportunity to put many of them together on to a mix.  The fact that the mix was for something special like DataTransmission added to the sense of occasion and I have to say I am very happy with the end result. I hope you guys are too?!   What¹s the best gig you¹ve played recently?Oh wow, that is really hard to say. I had some amazing gigs recently with shows at some really classic clubs like Fabric in London, Tresor in Berlin, Old River Park in Naples and Lehmann Club in Stuttgart. When I play these places I always know it will be good but each time something happens that makes the event even more special than the last time. I think this is one of the secrets of being a legendary venue or event. You have to keep on delivering higher and higher standards to stay at the top. Funnily enough though I would say the gig that will stay with me the longest from recent times would not be from one of the places I play regularly but my debut show at Bahrein, Buenos Aires. I spent the whole weekend in the city and just played the one show on the Saturday night so I got a very strong flavor of hat rhw place was all about. From hanging out with all the guys and girls who put the event on to touring around the city to getting to meet so many fans at the show, the whole experiences was something special and certainly very different from the normal quick in-and-out stop of a show in Europe. The hospitality, warmth and passion of South American people is very well known but to experience it first hand really makes you stop and appreciate everything. The actual gig was amazing too – you can see how cool the club is and the amazing vibe they create by checking out this video they made of the event –> http://youtu.be/Eju30nkVbLw    What have you got coming up?I am typing up this interview at Stockholms’s Arlanda airport while I wait to fly to America to start my mini tour that will see me play in Chicago, Miami and New York. It is going to be an interesting trip as I was supposed to go back in October but unfortunately I had to cancel as I got sick. So this time I am fully stocked up on vitamins, well rested and ready to rock out some techno. I have not played Chicago since 2008 I think and it will be the first time I have played for Basic in New York who are some really well respected promoters who I have heard great things about from people like Alan Fitzpatrick and Ben Sims so it will be exciting to play in these places. My gig in Miami is actually on a Wednesday – the day before Thanksgiving – so it will be fun to see how people celebrate the holiday. Then once I am home I intend on locking myself in the studio for a week to catch up on some production projects that have been simmering for a while. I have a remix to finish for Ben Sims which will come out on Drumcode and some new original productions that will appear in 2013.   And finally, do you have a special message for our readers?Thanks for listening! I hope you enjoyed the mix and I look forward to sending more satisfying sound waves your way some time soon.   Tracklisting Cari Lekebusch – Archeology Exc.1 Intro Alexi Delano, Hans Bouffmyhre – Take 2 (demo) Alexi Delano, Par Grindvik – Subtle Breath (demo) James Mile – Downtone Manic Brothers – Restless Reset Robot – She Lives Above The Door Gary Beck – Struma Jesper Dahlback – Moonlight Queen Adam Beyer – Cosa Mira Jesper Dahlback – Purple Bass Sasha Carassi, Mikael Jonasson – Albatross Alan Fitzpatrick – Skeksis Adam Beyer – Raspberry Cave Adrian Hour – Tripmachine Axel Karakasis – Skid

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