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Notes From The Underground

Last weekend saw thousands of people, plus one or two hippies, converge upon Worthy Farm once more for Glastonbury. One of the worlds biggest music festivals, it’s normally a haven for rock kids or fans of bands who’s music you either hear on adverts or Made In Chelsea. Dance music has usually been represented pretty well down the years. This year however Drum & Bass took centre stage with Chase & Status, accompanied by MC Rage, closing the Saturday night as headliners opposite rock dinosaurs The Rolling Stones. Now while it seems they’ve committed the apparent cardinal sin of breaking into mainstream territory, coming in for much stick from supposed fans for doing so in the process, really, them being up there is an incredible achievement. Not only for the guys themselves but also for D&B in general.


Think about it: the music we love, listen to, talk about and spend our hard earned money on is up there showing what it does to its devoted followers week in, week out. These are the guys who went from releasing tunes like Zulu King and Hood Rat playing in grimy club venues, stepping up to Ram Records and are now one of the biggest names in dance music smashing The Other Stage at Glastonbury. Sure, many fans may not like the path they’ve tread or the musical direction they’ve now taken to get there. But put all that slightly elitist attitude aside for just one minute. Think about how fucking incredible it is to see them do a track like Smash TV on the BBC on a Saturday night. I don’t know about you but I was waving all sorts of gun fingers whilst brocking out, weary I don’t spill my tea in the process from the comfort of my own sofa. Smash TV was an anthem down at The End. A tune for the ‘heads’ yet there it was getting thousands of people moving in unison on a farm in the west country. Regardless of what sort of D&B you might be into, Chase & Status taking it to the masses like that deserves a round of applause and huge amount of respect due in my opinion. Yes we all love the underground nature of D&B, which is what makes it one of the most exciting genres out there. For that 60 minutes they were up there last weekend I reckon was a moment for our music to be proud of. 

Gutted they never did Duppy Man though.  

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For those of you who missed it you can check out Chase and Status rocking The Other Stage at Glastonbury below


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