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Reviewed: The One In The Woods 2022


Whenever you attend a festival in a forest it always feels like the most potent form of hedonistic escapism and the other weekend at The One In The Woods was no different.

Orrell Hill Woods, which is situated just a short drive from Liverpool, is packed with colossal pine trees. Stepping foot into the dense woodland felt like walking through a portal and venturing out into the most picturesque utopia.

The original plan was to host the event at the start of June but damage caused by storms earlier in the year forced organisers to push the event back. An incident like that might have threatened to dampen the quality of the experience but it was a pleasant surprise to discover the complete opposite.

This year there were three stages with each one providing the most sumptuous audio whilst careful consideration had gone into their visual appeal with rustic wooden designs combining well with the natural trees enveloping them.

If the charming quality of the sound wasn’t enough there was also an impressive array of pyrotechnics – The Drum & Bass stage suddenly became an inferno when flames burst high into the sky just as Kenny Ken unleashed High Contrast’s staple remix of the classic ‘Show Me Love’.

There was no chance the high-octane energy was going to subside even if the rain had started with our very own DT Radio show host Mel stepping up to showcase her turntable talents.

The Kent-based artist played after the mighty Dillinja which might have proved quite nerve-racking for some acts but she showed no sign whatsoever the occasion was too grand. Her choice of hard-hitting selections and ferocious blends soon had the crowd hypnotised, with everyone’s hands up in the air and beaming smiles on their faces.

Day one was brought to a close in superior style with the techno pioneer Jeff Mills taking to the stage. The sun had gone down which provided the perfect opportunity for a sea of lasers to paint the sky above as the American lived up to his nickname ‘The Wizard’ with a spellbinding choice of tracks. The industrial feel to his set really did feel like the perfect accompaniment for a nighttime show deep in a forest.

There were star names everywhere you looked as the festival entered its second day. A.M.C has been crowned best DJ at the Drum & Bass Arena Awards for the past three years and it was easy to see why when he stepped behind the decks.

His ferocious mixing style is completely mind-boggling and once again he proved just how talented he is with a pair of turntables, sending the crowd into a heightened state of euphoria with his earth-shattering blends. There was a brief pause in proceedings when he reached over to shout belatedly to MC Phantom that England’s women had won a major football tournament, beating Germany in extra-time.

Camo & Krooked helped to bring a curtain on the festival in scintillating style with their mind-shattering selection of beats, in particular, their recent collaboration with Mefjus ‘Break Away’.

The Austrian duo are always a real joy to behold when they are let loose on a pair of turntables and it was no different during their appearance at The One In The Woods. Whilst they were busy demonstrating their alchemist qualities with CDJs, Mel had the most vivid look of astonishment on her face up in the booth. Just one brilliant example of how exhilarating it is whenever the pair are performing.

This festival might only be in its infancy but the first-class production and serenely curated line-up made for an exuberant audiovisual experience and certainly left a desire to come back again.

The sign-up for 2023’s edition is now live so be one of the first to know when tickets go on sale by clicking HERE


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