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A.M.C’s Top Clubs Worldwide


Future-driven but foundation-focused, A.M.C embodies the strongest and most critical traits a drum & bass artist can have: Attention to detail, technical articulation and patience. Dark arts lost in some quarters, the UK artist born Alex Mark Calvert understands the intricacies of long game theory and the ancient craft of hard graft. Since breaking through as a DJ in 2007, he’s diligently dented the last decade (and counting) with a fierce 24/7 focus that’s led to a prominent and influential position as one of the most respected modern DJs, producers and label owners in the game.

One of the last drum & bass DJs to graduate from the schools of dubplate culture and vinyl science, A.M.C rose through the ranks the classical way: as a DJ. His dedication and discipline as a DJ are also evident in everything else he does. As a label owner, he’s developed Titan Records to a similar world-class status. Established in 2011, it’s become an integral platform for a wealth of next generation artists who are determined to raise drum & bass’s notoriously high production benchmark.

Hot off the heels of his nomination and subsequent win of Drum&BassArena’s Best DJ Award 2019, Alex tells us about his favourite clubs to DJ at from across the world.


I grew up in this club. I used to go almost every weekend for years and this is where I fully fell in love with Drum & Bass.

I saw literally everyone at the club including some artists and industry heads in the crowd that would go on to be hugely successful in the future.

The system in there was a custom-built Thunder Ridge which had these jet engine looking cones for the drive units. At 2am they would turn it up and it was so powerful and clear you couldn’t swallow when drinking.

I never got to play there as by the time I was booked it was sold and all the nights shut down.

I really, really miss this club.

I made a tune called ‘The End’ for my ENERGY LP which has 4 different drops that each remind me of music I heard in that club.


Very close to being my number one pick, Fabric has always been there. I used to go to it as much as The End and I saw some of the best artists in room 1. It still blows my mind that I got to play in that room to a packed club this year for my ENERGY tour. The vibes in there have always been the same and you can play anything from across the board and it will go off. The night I heard I Wanna Know by Dillinja was a special one. He’s 100% my favourite producer ever.


© Photography by Khris Cowley for Here & Now (fb.com/wearehereandnow)

I know this is the 3rd London club in a row but I just love playing in my home city. I’ve never played in room 1 at this new club but I have the biggest ENERGY show I’ve ever done there next year in 2020 on March the 20th. I’ve played in room 2 before a few years ago and this club has been custom built for electronic dance music. They’ve just installed a crazy lighting rig in the main room, I can’t wait to play there.

We’ve got some insane surprises lined up as well…


This club is grimy, dark, dirty, smoky, nasty and that’s why I love it. It sounds great and it just has the right vibes. I work with the Hive promoters in there now but I used to work with a group called Future Beats. 2018 was their last year in Flex and they did a special event with myself and others. The club is next to the river and the queue was out the door, up the stairs and across the bridge. I’m playing there again this Saturday and I cannot wait. Years ago, this guy was playing before me, his tunes sounded amazing. Turns out it was a young Mefjus who was testing the tune that was about to break him into the scene.


Quite possibly the best sound system I’ve ever heard in a club. This is the best place to test new music. They don’t book me very often but when they do it’s very special. The French know their D&B as well, so you can do what you can do in Fabric and go across the board. It’s also where a friend of mine lives called The Clamps and it was the first place I heard his music. It’s so dark, love it.


I have to give a special mention to Storm Club and Roxy in Prague and also Fabric in Ostrava. The Czech D&B crew know how to party!!


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