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Native Instruments Unveil Maschine Studio & Maschine 2.0



One of our favourite bits of evolving tech in our ever expanding range of live DJing and sampling tools has undoubtedly been Native Instruments Maschine series. The software driven groovebox has undergone several incarnations with regular software updates opening up musical possibilities that have seen the piece of kit expand from its traditionally Hip Hop base into an increasingly wide range of genres. 

Now N.I have unveiled the series’ latest edition in revealing the Maschine Studio which continues the evolution of the product line. In tradition with Native’s upgrades many of the new features have come about via consultation with existing users and so the new design has been developed to iron out some of the issues consumers had when using the originals Maschines. From a build perspective the Maschine studio is considerably larger than its predecessors due to the introduction of a completely new edit section complete with jog wheel and additional MIDI connectivity. It’s also more rectangular in its design and comes with a built in stand to enable users to prop the unit up at an angle for more comfortable use.

Another major area of upgrade for the Maschine Studio is in regards to the display screens which are now two high resolution displays which will hopefully cut down time spent staring up at your computer screen.

Software wise the package that comes with Maschine Studio is completely new. Built from the ground up to make it relatively future proof, the new software comes with a plethora of new features including a dedicated mixer page, an upgraded audio engine, a plug in strip and five new drum synths to give Maschine more of a distinct sound identity. This software is compatible with previous Maschines including the Maschine Mikro and buyers who purchase either of those products between now and the release of the Maschine Studio on November 1st will be able to download it for free upon availability.

Check out the promo video of the Maschine Studio in action below.


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