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Love Not Money: Freeze



Liverpool has long been a hotbed for music and musical talent, avoiding clichéd references to the Beatles the city has a long a varied musical heritage with an eclectic nature and tastes to match that of one of its favorite sons in the legendary John Peel. More specifically in the electronic music market the city has long hosted UK dance music powerhouses Chibuku and Cream but  in recent times a new innovative project entitled Freeze has quickly become the talk of the city as a group of ambitious friends take over a series of amazingly original spaces to host spectacular events whilst helping out a series of good causes. With such an interesting project on the go we caught up with one of Freeze’s founders Robert to find out more about the project outside of its stellar bookings and original venues ahead of welcoming Luciano and Friends to St. Georges Hall this Saturday.

Firstly I’d like to congratulate you on what is an amazing project. How did Freeze first come about?

Thank you. Well it all started as a group of friends deciding to work together. Initially we all went to a club here in Liverpool together called the Lemon Lounge and then as a group we all decided to throw a series of small parties together.

Did you anticipate this level of success? It seems like you have a very tight knit team together behind Freeze…

Well obviously you can hope for the night to be successful and grow but we never set out to launch Freeze to make loads of money it was always something much more than that for us. It was and still is a passion and as a team yeah we are very close knit as you’d want everyone to be like a family. You need everyone onboard to realize that you want to do something more, offer something different. Then as it grew we began applying more and more effort to make sure each event improved upon the last, upgrading the sound system, booking bigger and bigger artists. If we have the opportunity at the last minute to add another laser that we think will make the event better then we’ll get it to make sure it is the best it can be as I said before it’s never been about money for us. It’s been a great journey.

Well you certainly offer something different! You’ve become known for hosting your events in exceptionally unusual venues, was this something you’d always planned or was it just something that happened organically?

Well I guess it was a bit of both. We always wanted to offer something different and so when the opportunity came to host our event in the Williamson Tunnels we jumped at the chance as we saw it as an unique opportunity to put on a special event and we were glad we’re able to offer people an atmospheric clubbing experience we could all enjoy. I’ll never forget the night we had Ben Watt down in the tunnels and I’m sure no one else will either.

Such unusual choices of venue must provide a host of different challenges acoustically

Yes! Luckily we love a challenge! I seriously get a kick out seeing a great venue and then converting that from an idea into practice. Sometimes that can be harder than others but it is all part of the challenge.

I’m fascinated to know how you get access to such locations. I’d imagine some such as putting on Hernan Cattaneo in Liverpool cathedral must have been quite a challenge to secure.

Well yes. Luckily each venue we’ve used as seen that we’re are professionals and because we haven’t had any real problems with any of the spaces we’ve used it has allowed us to slowly build up a trust with the council and owners of venues that make them more inclined to let us use them.  I think people realize that we genuinely care and that we are trying to do something to add to the fantastic musical heritage the city has and that we aren’t a group of people just out looking for a quick buck. It was initially difficult but with each success it does become self perpetuating. The event at Liverpool Cathedral was a very special for us as the place had never been used for anything like that before so it was going to require a great deal of trust to be placed in us by the church. Luckily the Church was a progressive one and so when we spoke to the Bishop and showed him what we wanted to do it wasn’t long before we got the go ahead to use the cathedral  after he approved it which for us was incredibly exciting. It went off without incident and the Bishop went on to recently be made the Archbishop Of Canterbury which we glad to hear!

Freeze Dig Deeper album Launch Promo @ Live from Club Freeze on Vimeo.

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