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Love Not Money: Freeze



In addition to the original venue choices there is also another aspect to Freeze that marks you out as different to other promotions and that is the charitable side of the venture. How did this first come about?

Unfortunately several memebrs of our groups were touched by illness and it was a real shock. So we were talking and thought wouldn’t it be great if we could get something else really positive out of putting on original line ups in interesting venues on top of providing great nights? Then we hooked up with MacMillan and that became part of the formula- find a venue, pick out the artists we want to play and then select a charity that we want to support. It has a very personal aspect to it and we are very proud to be able to help the way we do with all the charities we work with. As I said it has never been about money with us, as a family we have some amazing talent that work tirelessly to put on our shows and we think that shines through. From our visuals to our booking we all work hard to deliver the best event possible. Our visuals are provided by a good friend of mine called Deer Stalker who has previously worked on the visuals for Muse so  for him to work on our projects really shows how much this means to us all.

The charitable side does seems a outlook that Freeze appears to have on the world. There also seems to be a firm community based aspect to the night.  Why do you think that is?

 Well I just think that is the nature of the people involved. We’re all local people so naturally we care about the local community and if we can help out in any way then we do. Jemmy our resident DJ is well known for his work with his record store but he was always keen to help out when we were first starting Freeze because he believed in what we trying to do. The atmosphere amongst us at Freeze is more like a touring band where we invite artists to get involved, and if we can get local artists, local photographers or video artists involved then that’s great.

So what’s next for Freeze?

Well we’ve got a lot planned. We’re going to continue putting on our events in original venues as for us finding the places we’re going to host them at is half the fun! We don’t do generic club spaces, that is already being done in the city very well by other promoters so we’ll continue to think outside of the box venue wise. Obviously we have our event with Luciano and friends on the 22nd of June at the St. Georges Hall which we’re all really excited about. We’ve also got the Kompakt Records Crew with Gui Boratto and Michael Mayer playing a ‘bombed out church’ for us next month on the 13th of July which is also very exciting. Then there are also plans to potentially take Freeze on the road and find interesting venues in other cities so watch this space!

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