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A codec is a device or computer program capable of encoding or decoding a digital data stream or signal or depending what your into a fast rising duo hailing from Winchester who were then plucked out of obscurity whilst living in East London by RacknRuin’s Black Butter Records, received big recognition from the likes of Laurent Garnier and T. Williams and are now working on more bass fuelled house to entertain the masses in the coming months. So with the hype train well and truly having left the station we had a shine a spotlight on the pairing and find out about their past, present and future.

As you are both from the same town, was the creation of Codec quite an organic process?

We both grew up in Winchester where we had a lot of similar friends. We both moved to London at the same sort of time so we decided to link-up, as we knew each other produced. We started out making a couple tunes together with no intention of it becoming a duo but we worked really well together and it all seamlessly fell into place. 

How did you guys become connected with Black Butter?

At the time we had just finished our first couple of tracks together. One of our friends “Tanka” (you should check him out) was already in contact with the guys from Black Butter, he then mentioned us to the Black Butter guys and they shortly got in contact with us afterward that. We sent them a track and things went from there! It was good to meet the guys behind a wicked label (Big shout to Olly) It helped us raise the bar!

When you guys get in the studio do you go in with a set idea, or is it a go with the flow mentality?

Generally when writing tracks we start by vibing off of a sample or sounds… we never really have a set idea as we find it can limit us creativity. Often going with the flow can be the best way of writing a fresh idea! If we find ourselves getting stuck we don’t force it, it’s best if you come back with a fresh mind state! 

So far, you guys have kept energy at the forefront of your productions. Will we see a softer side to you guys in the near future?

We like to keep energy a key element in our music but we are versatile and like experimentation. We have plans to work with vocalists in forthcoming projects so expect to hear more than just dancefloor tracks. We have always loved high-energy music, we try to capture this in our sound whether it’s a pumping bassline or a skippy chord progression. 

Any plans for collaborations?

We have plans in the near future to work with other vocalists but at the moment we are just focusing on our own productions. Once we get more of our original material out there I’m sure our focus will gravitate towards working around other artists. 

What would you say has been your biggest achievement to date?

2012 was a really busy time on the production side, developing our sound and getting the right material together. Our E.P coming out on Black Butter was a high point for us, the reception we received for it was wicked. We have been patiently waiting and crafting our sound so to have it successfully released was a great thing, we managed to get our track “What You Need” to No.1 in the Juno bass chart and “Be Yourself” reached No.1 in the Track It Down dubstep chart! We felt its picked up great momentum for out debut release! 

What can we expect from a Codec DJ set?

We are both big fans of lots of different styles and genres. We grew up listening to UK garage, drum and bass, jungle, house etc so we try to incorporate influences old and new. At the moment our sets consist of the bassier side of house/garage. We always try to keep high energy levels while retaining quality vibes, a balanced blend or bass and musicality.  

Do you have any plans to curate a live show?

Not at the moment but we have plans to do so in the future. We want to start integrating live aspects into our sets! We are interested in incorporating live sampling with DJ sets, triggering samples on drum machines whilst mixing etc. We are always eager to push the craft the next step so taking things beyond just DJing is a key element for us!

What do you guys get up to when your not making music?

We have quite a lot of mates who are in the scene, so we hit quite a lot of club nights, which is also a good way for us to keep an eye on what’s happening! Nothing too Rock n Roll… yet!

What does your studio set up look like? Do you work mainly with digital equipment or are you fans of the analogue?

Our main step up consists of: Logic 9 pro, Adam audio a8x’s, nord rack 2x, iMac desktop and plenty of energy drinks! Although we have purchased analogue equipment in the past, we remain loyal to our digital ways as its what we know best. It’s easier for us to make a decent sound quickly from a digital synth than it is for us to learn and master certain pieces of hardware we have.

What are you going to do after this interview?

Getting back into the lab and cracking on with our next E.P! We will be DJing more in and out of London, so watch out for dates coming soon! This year’s going to be an exciting time for us, so we’re both looking forward to seeing how things unfold! 

 Check out their latest bootleg offering beneath available for free download.