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ClekClekBoom: A Parisian Story



Since their first release back in September 2011, ClekClekBoom have been putting out some of the most interesting and innovative electronic music to come out of the French capital for some time. We caught up with French Fries, the 21 year old DJ/Producer and one of the label founders, to discuss the genesis of the label as well as their recent compilation ‘Paris Club Music Volume 1.’           

The 2 disk compilation combines new tracks from the French collective as well as a showcase of the labels first year of releases giving a mission statement of what this label is about: stripped down dance numbers with more than a wink to early ninety’s American club styles whilst throwing in influences of their more immediate urban environment. 

On the first disk French Fries is represented by ‘Yo Vogue VIP’ and the more ghetto house tinged ‘Southside’ which takes that style re-works it and sprinkles over some digital beeps, creating something that sounds both internet-aged as well as raw and analogue. For me the other stand out-track is Jean Nipon’s menacing ‘Coming at You’ which with it’s grimesque horns and sharp production creating like so many of the tracks here a sound that is rooted in the city. Even the more conventional house tracks like Ministre X’s synth ladened ‘Kobe’ and the lean dancefloor number ‘Riddle’ by Manaré still maintain the Parisian innner-city style.

The second disk takes us through a selection of previous output. Including the first release from French Fries, the eerie flute and strings sampling ‘Champagne’ which perfectly combines re-cut vocals with a crafted, increasingly critical beat. Alongside this sits the equally urgent sounding ‘Hugz’ featuring Bambounou, balancing a two-step garage rhythm with more lush synth stabs and the explicit repetitive trans-atlantic vocal sample.

Elsewhere; duo The Town’s tribal-sounding ‘The Movement’ use of sampled strings and Jamaican dancehall vocals maintains the high energy that continue across the release. Other highlights include the masterful bass influenced ‘Night’ by afore mentioned Bambounou as well as Chaos in the CBD’s ‘Slab,’ a slowed down re-packaged take on the booty house music of Chicago, using modulated vocals along with the arpeggiating synth-line to create a dirty, danceable sound.

Tell us about the story behind ClekClekBoom recordings, what is the history behind the label and what made you want to run your own label?

The label started a little bit more than a year ago, but the whole crew started about 5 years ago. We used to make parties together, and of course made music. We used to have a really terrible underground website; ClekClekBoom used to be the worst website ever and we were selling tracks on that website that weren’t even mastered. Then the whole crew started releasing EPs on other labels, but in Paris it was kind of difficult for the new artists because we wanted to make underground house and press vinyl and we didn’t really know all the people we needed to know to make that happen so we wanted to make our own label.

Am I right in thinking that a lot of you guys are pretty young?

Not really. I’m young, I’m 21, the youngest actually. I mean me, Bambounou, Coni we’re all 21, 22. But I run the label with two other guys, Ministre X and Boo but they’re like 35.

Did you find it difficult releasing on other labels?

Not really we just wanted to release vinyl and have a real label with artists that we know and we like. I mean we were all releasing digital on other labels that we didn’t really know.

What is it that you like about releasing on vinyl?

It’s really important to me because I need to have something physical to feel like I’ve really released something. Like you release an EP or an Album and then you can give it to your mother or something. I buy a lot of records and it’s just natural for me because it’s how iI started to DJ.

You’re based in Paris. Are most of the guys from there?

Yeah we’re all from here except Chaos in the CBD who are from New Zealand and they’re based in London now.



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