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ClekClekBoom: A Parisian Story



How would you describe the state of French electronic music and where do ClekClekBoom fit in?

I have no idea, but because I think a lot of other French musicians were influenced by Chicago house; like Daft Punk. I mean that’s our main influence too but it’s really different at the same time, we like to mix everything up.

I read an interview with Lauren Garnier where he name-checked you as being part of a new generation of underground French artists, how does it feel getting praise like that?

It felt amazing because he was one of the first people in Paris to understand what we were doing. A lot of other labels and artists used to support us and we have a lot of friends here and stuff. But he was actually the first person to really understand that we were doing Chicago house in our way. It’s funny because people always want to put a name on something. Our first release was ‘Champagne/Hugz’ feat. Bambounou, and a lot of people thought it was house, or dubstep, like we had all the names you could have. But he’s actually the first person to see what we were doing with the vocals  over a really minimal simple grove. It felt really amazing to hear that when I made Champagn as I was trying to do Chicago and Detroit stuff, with which he understood it to be like that  which was great because we never wanted to speak too much about the music we out out.

How do you go about signing artists to the label and choosing what to put out?

Well like I said it all started and we were like a family, with everyone making music and then we have a meeting and listen to the music and think about what we would release. After that I didn’t really go about trying to find new artists because there are so many people in our group but if I hear something and it’s by some producer and he’s unknown then I really have to releases it, because I want the music to be alive. Like when I met Coni, he’s from a really house scene, but it’s really different, and he listens to a lot of different stuff. I listen to everything people send me you know, and I actually just found a new live band and we’re working now, on this new project. 

It’s been a year and a half since your first release what was the motivation for putting out the compilation of a summary of your previous releases?

We just wanted to do something special for our first anniversary. We want to do this every year, It’s just a good way to explain what we do and to make this really friendly and family thing.

The compilation has been out for a few months now, are you happy with the reception it’s got? 

Yeah it’s actually amazing, we’re really happy about it. Paris is really different because we always had doors opened for us in England or in Europe. But the Parisian scene used to be so different so we’re really happy that it’s working well here. Here we really have a crowd now and I think it’s the place that we now sell the most records. 

What do you have lined up for the future release-wise?

Now in the crew we are about 8 projects, so it’s going to be a bit complicated to sign new people now. But I can say that everyone is making music, and we have a lot of stuff forthcoming and everybody’s fighting to get the next dig.



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