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Ferdinand Dreyssig – Post Symphonic



Label: Cat for LunchScore: 7.5/10

Young talented producer Ferdinand Dreyssig is one of those artists who cannot be pinned down to one genre or style. He is focusing on vocal driven, beat oriented house music and does so again once more on this new EP for the Cats For Lunch Label.

First track Post Symphonic is a prickly concoction of odd sounds and samples, weird hooks and a deep tech house undercarriage. Its full of drama tense and suspense and fills your brain with imagery as much as gets your feet dancing. Next cut Indigo Skies is a bit less intense and intricate, here a paddy, mid tempo house kick is coloured with hi hat rattles, thick bass notes and a tropical brew of toms and congas. Its lazy yet inviting and woozy yet warm. Alejandro Mosso remixes the same track into something a bit more direct for the dancefloor but the whimsical sense of musical mystery still pervades the whole track. It also gets a remix by Pazul who drops in some paddy kicks once and jungle-y percussion as well as retaining the original’s sense of off kilter, quirky charm. This is another great EP from someone who isn’t afraid to think outside the box.


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