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Delano Smith – From Silence



Label: Sushitech
Release Date: Out Now

One of Detroit’s original legends Delano Smith returns to Sushitech on heavyweight vinyl 2 x LP with the stunning ‘From Silence’. With it being over a year since his last release on the label, it’s definitely been a long time coming and the results are well worth the wait.

With no titles being assigned to any of the tracks, you are left to create them in your own mind, the quality of the soundscapes produced making this quite straight forward, as you plot them onto a blank canvas that becomes splattered with dark colours of Berlin, Detroit and Chicago.

The veteran comes from an era obsessed with analog machines and harnessing their potential. Smith’s output has always highlighted this to the full, with only music of the highest standard making the grade.

Track 1 grabs your attention straight away with lingering, entrancing chords that span across the track alongside a rousing, heads down beat. Track 2 shifts up a gear with a powerful techno underbelly that really shows what Sushitech is all about. Driving synth and percussive work of the highest caliber that will leave you craving and urging for more, like a Monday morning at Panorama Bar.

On the second piece of vinyl Track 3 is a dubbed out, soulful affair that encompasses all seasons and sounds just as good in the frost as it would do drenched in sun. Track 4 echoes with dreamy, charming melody that could well see it’s way into set closers, with the drawn out breakdown that lets you catch your breath.

There’s time for one more track to be squeezed in that goes towards house territory, with the  charismatic, breezy and warm Track 4. It’s hard to pick a favourite from this record, but this really is special. The familiarity and nostalgic feel of it, like a walk through a park, really makes it a future classic.

Deep, dubby house and techno of the finest excellence here from Delano Smith and Sushitech. This is not one for the record collectors to miss, however you better act quickly if you want it, the limited edition, first press splatter vinyl has already left the shelves.


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