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Romina Cohn – Let It Go (International Gigolo)


Well goodness me I thought I had an opinion on everything and all of a sudden here I am staring into outer-space and wondering what the heck just dropped out of the sky.

Argentinian DJ & Producer Romina Cohn has been collaborating with Felix Da Housecat on his latest album and has been a firm favourite of DJ Hell’s own Gigolo Records as a producer, and DJ in her own right,

And then as if coming through a worm-hole like an alien spaceship, is this extremely interesting three tracker which leads with the absolute canon shot of a record ‘Let It Go’.

If energetic, melancholy techno was a genre ‘Let It Go’ would be thrusting its hand up first and asking to be counted. The sheer cataclysm of sounds is enough to make me sit up and listen.

A bouncing ‘Energy Flash’ style bassline, huge 909 kick, grooving hats, big bouncing floor toms, distorted stabs, ethereal tinkling effects and cello. Pardon? I know odd, right? This should not work. Oh hang on, what’s that there? You brass style synth sound, you have no business here! Mmm hang on that’s rather good. Actually that’s completely firing. Oh bollocks that’s a tune of the night. If you’re a purist look away now. If you like interesting and quirky techno that will detach your roof from your walls, come in on, this is for you.

‘Rave On’ is a heavy techno number with a homage to some of this big rave tracks from back in the day. There’s no pulling punches here, ‘Rave On’, whilst I suspect is somewhat tongue in cheek is big synths, big kick, big tune. It’s simple, and I suspect effective too.

‘Stay With Me‘ rounds up the package with an eloquent, tribal techno cut which is beautifully scenic, wonderfully vibey and 3 minutes long. In addition to that it fades out at the end making it almost unplayable as a track to play in a club. Call it a ditty. Bonkers and intruiging.

May I raise a glass to arthouse techno. I’m not sure I know what this is all about but I’m going to say it’s playful, nostalgic and above all effective. Divisive yes, banging – yes.

Score: 8.5/10

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