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Renegade Riddims

Renegade Riddims: REPEATER


Doug Sands AKA REPEATER is a Leeds-based Drum & Bass DJ and co-owner of up and coming imprint Rollout Records. Taking influence from a diverse range of styles and eras of Jungle, Drum & Bass and beyond, his mixes often focus on blending rough with smooth and old with new to take the listener on a real journey.

I’ve been working alongside Rollout Records for quite some time now and the output from the fledgling label is always on point. When Doug asked if he could do a mix for our Renegade Riddims series I was more than happy to oblige.

His contribution to the Renegade Riddims mix series includes material from his own label as well as a heady mixture of rollers, tech, classics and jungle flavours with a few dubs thrown in. Also included are tracks from Rollout Records alumni including MRK-ONE and TMPZ.

Check out REPEATER’s mix below and download it for free from here!


REPEATER artwork

Sum up this mix in 10 words…

Darker selection of different styles with heaps of vibes

What’s your personal favourite track on it?

Madcap – Mind Control (Villem’s MK Ultra Remix)

Tough one. Love all the tracks on this mix but it was between this one and another track from the same EP. Madcap is one of my favourite artists both as a DJ and producer, and Villem completely nails the vibe on this remix for me.

What’s the special ingredient in this mix?

A sunny bank holiday weekend

What have you got coming up?

I’m mostly busy working on Rollout Records stuff at the moment. Can’t say too much about what we have in store release-wise, but I can say we have some awesome music lined up for the coming months from both label regulars and newcomers, so mega excited for those to come out.

Other than that, we are teaming up with our good friend and sound system controller Beet Roots Soundsystem to host a day party at a local venue in Leeds this summer, with a lineup including local Leeds and Sheffield selectors and Rollout Records artists.

When was the last time you actually raved?

The last big rave I went to was Jungle Syndicate a couple of weeks ago in Bristol. Was my first time actually making it down to one of those nights and it did not disappoint. Such an incredibly varied lineup spanning hardcore, jungle, drum and bass and all their iterations. Personal highlights for me included dgoHn, Pete Cannon, and obviously Equinox B2B Bailey. I did actually pop down to local Leeds night Drums Up North last weekend as well for a friend’s birthday. Always a good time at their nights with local upcoming talent consistently bringing the vibes as well as sick headliners.

And finally, o you have a special message for our readers?

Keep it real and thanks for checking this mix. Plenty of Rollout Records material coming very soon, watch this space!


Soul Intent – Sci-Fi Roller (31)

B-Origin – Absentis (inHabit Recordings)

Madcap – Rain (Mac II)


Madcap – Original Strut (Mac II)

Ikon-B & Flashback – Remember The Past (Format Music DnB)


Brain & Novaglitch – Aislamiento (Dispatch)

missledz – Surveillance (Lovell Remix) (Bare Necessity Records)

Jubei – Send Out (Carbon Music)

Universal Project – Curtains (Universal Project Recordings)

Raiden – Trellick (Tank Remix) (Offkey)

Break & Total Science – Blame You (Triii Audio)

MRK-ONE – Swamp People (Rollout Records)


Tyrone – Come Closer (TNQ)

Revan & Primitive Instinct – Back At It (Midas Touch)

DSP – Weeks Go By (Symmetry)

Madcap – B-Boy (Digital Remix) (Myriad Recordings)

BRK – The Fonk (inHabit Recordings)


Skeptical – Process of Elimination (Dispatch)

Trace – Dark 8 (Bungle Remix) (117)

Ulterior Motive – Catharsis (Subtitles)

Jubei – Alignment (Metalheadz)

Marcus Intalex – Stingray ft. Lynx (Soul:r)

Trace & Kid Drama – Timps (CNVX)

Jem-One – Network (Skeleton)

Total Science – All Massive (Metalheadz)

Madcap – Mind Control (Villem’s MK Ultra Remix) (Myriad Recordings)



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