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Renegade Riddims

Renegade Riddims: Alley Cat


Alley Cat is celebrating her 25th year of DJing this year, which is phenomenal work! She has travelled extensively as a DJ in those two and a half decades, as well as released some wicked music on labels such as Skunkrock, Offshore and her own imprint Kokeshi.

Alley Cat aka Alicia Bauer has been working in music since 1997, where she started out DJing in San Francisco. A couple years later she relocated to London and the rest is history. Having toured extensively as a DJ from Hawaii to the Middle East, South Africa, all across Europe and North America, there is a history to celebrate. During the day she sits as Co-Director of ESP Agency navigating DJ and MC bookings which has proven tricky during a global pandemic. She has owned her own record label, Kokeshi which alongside many releases, it created Kokeshi Klub nights in the UK (including regular gigs at fabric) and abroad. She has performed at small grimy club shows and big festivals alike. To name a few : Glastonbury, Outlook, Sun & Bass, Rupture, Fabric, Aperture, Star Warz, Daily Dubstep, Get Darker, Icon Club, Gretchen, Let It Roll, Fusion Festival, Feline, Technicality, EQ50, Bladrerunnaz, Hit & Run, Detonate and more.

With the return of events this year, you can expect to see her behind the decks VERY soon. She’s also releasing her own music which is also a goal for later this year with both Drum & Bass and slower BPM projects in the works. Her ethos as a DJ is to stay the course with mixing as she always has done : long technical mixing that creates a feeling, getting lost in the moments and not rushing from one quick fix to the next but rather taking time and effort to create something new in the mix .

Amongst some of the gigs Alley Cat has lined up for this year is The One In The Woods Presents Frequency at Ministry Of Sound, London on Saturday 16th April. She’ll be playing alongside artists such as Dillinja, Dogger & Mindstate, Kyrist, LSB, Mark System, Workforce, Futurebound, Seba, Nookie, Makoto, Total Science, Zero T and more! You can grab tickets here

I’m really excited to be sharing Alley Cat’s Renegade Riddims mix with you today. This is almost 1hr 20mins of wicked music expertly mixed so the tracks can breathe and includes music from Alley Cat, Mako, Grey Code, Seba, Breakage and more! This one is dark and broody and has definite “4am get lost in the music” vibes!

Check out Alley Cat’s mix below and download it for free from here!


Sum up this mix in 10 words…

Dark, Emotional mixing that makes-you-want-to-move Deepness 

What’s your personal favourite track on it?

I love all of them but I’m super into this new Mako track called ‘Falter’ that’s coming on his forthcoming Samurai album.

Something really tribal about it.

What’s the special ingredient in this mix?

Effort and love

Tell us about your next EP?

There’s one of my dnb tunes in this mix, the release date is to be determined later. Or never 🙂

What have you got coming up?

I am headed to Locus Festival in Tulum, Mexico for 5 days of drum’n’bass on the beach.

When I get back I’m playing for The One In The Woods Presents Frequency at Ministry of Sound on the 16th April.

I’ll be playing on DJ Storm’s stage at Outlook UK soon as well.

When was the last time you actually raved?

I had a gig a few weeks ago in Peckham at the Battery night. It was the first set I’ve done in 2 years and I was really lost in the moment. It felt like we were all in a moment there together for a little while. I went to see Storm the same night at Village Underground so for me that whole combination was a bit of a big night!

And finally, do you have a special message for our readers?

Thanks for listening.  Please check out my label Bandcamp page https://iheartkokeshi.bandcamp.com

and Instagram https://www.instagram.com/aliciacatherinexxoo/


Jamie Myerson – En Plein Air

Mako – Falter – Samurai

Grey Code – Prima – Metalheadz

System – Freestyle Shit

Need For Mirrors – Trans

Ink – Iceman (Resound Remix) – Architecture

Seba feat. Marina Samba – How It Goes – Secret Operations

Blocks & Escher – This One

Soul Intent – Take Your Time

Seba – Public Beauty

Mako – Empathy Dub – Samurai

Breakage – The One Original Bubbler

Calibre – You Could Dance

Seba feat. Blackeye – Thoughts Run Free 

Om Unit – High Plains

Alley Cat – These Are the Breaks

Blocks & Escher – The Abyss

Mark System – Wanna Dance

Blocks & Escher – Submotion Orchestra Remix

Mako – Grieve – Samurai

Workforce – Forever


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