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DYSART has rounded off 2019 with a brace of EP’s with Intec Digital with his third EP for the imprint, which solidifies him as one of the labels core artists, often supported in the DJ sets of Carl Cox.  Equally supported in heavy rotation both in DJ sets and on their label Dense & Pika who have already featured 3 EP’s on their highly acclaimed Kneaded Pains imprint with a 4th original release slated for January 2020.

Along with Production and Djing, DYSART also founded and runs the London based Scrutton Street Studios which is used by many global artists ranging from Dave Seaman to label boss Jon Rundell plus many more.

When asked about his first forays into producing, DYSART is reflective: “I always knew that there was an inner love for compiling music from a young age. I’d record tracks from the radio onto cassettes trying to cut out the talking either end of the song.”

Tracing his journey back even further, to his first influence, sees a precocious 12-year-old lad hearing Jean Michel Jarre for the first time. Recording that album on to C90 cassette tape, as he had for so much of the music that inspired him, opened DYSART up to a world of musical possibilities: “Hearing Revolutions by Jean Michel Jarre absolutely blew my mind and was the gateway to a lifetime of electronic music. I still have that cassette now. I put it into a frame on my studio wall just to remind me where that early inspiration came from.”

Today, we launch our brand new Techno Mix series on our brand new SoundCloud channel called NUDE. For 2020 we are moving all our Techno to that channel, so you get uninterrupted Techno on one page. You can listen to the mix below and download it here.

Juan Trujillo – Tacito (Original Mix)Underground [Media Records]
Jon Hester – Beatwave (Original Mix) [Rekids]
Many_Reasons_NONE [Intec Digital]
DYSART_Listen To Me (edit)
Andres_Campo_Ray_[Kneaded Pains]
Pavel Petrov – EXE (Original MIx)[Set About]
DYSART_No_Acid_(Original_Mix) [Kneaded Pains]
Truncate – Level Up (Original Mix) [Pets Recordings]
Fumihiko Takei – Judge Eyes (Original Mix) [Hybrid Rec]
ASSAILANTS, Ben Sims, Truncate – Effort 8 (Original Mix) [Obscurity Is Infinite]
Raito – Reactivate (Original Mix) [Octopus Records]
Hallow – Meditation (Original Mix) [U.F.O. Recordings]
Joyce Mercedes – Coruscate (Original Mix) [Le Club Records]
Ryan McKay – Overclock X (Original Mix) [Kneaded Pains]
Lowshape – Hypothesis of Ameno (Original Mix) [Funk’n Deep Records]
Pan-Pot – Confronted (Pan-Pot Basement Remix) [Second State]
DYSART_Listen To Me


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