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Shit Robot Returns To DFA With ‘What Follows’


shit robot

Marcus Lambkin aka Shit Robot will release his next album, ‘What Follows’, via New York label DFA Records on May 6th.

Lambkin’s third full studio effort for the imprint, the The 11-track album was originally conceived and recorded at Marcus’ home in a small town outside Stuttgart before being worked on in New York and finally mixed in DFA label mate Juan Maclean’s New Hampshire studio.

The album follows on from previous long-players, ‘From The Cradle To The Rave’ and ‘We Got A Love’ and much like those efforts features an all star cast of collaborators including Hot Chip’s Alexis TaylorMuseum of LoveNancy Whang, Jay Green and fellow Irishman New Jackson.

“I didn’t have a big plan, I just knew that I wanted to work with friends” the Dublin born producer explains. “I knew I wanted to do something with Museum Of Love again. I also knew I would do something with Nancy, I couldn’t make a Shit Robotrecord without Nancy. Then while I was working on End Of The Trail, I could hear Alexis’s voice in my head, it just seemed a perfect fit. New Jackson is my younger brother’s old room mate and I’ve wanted to do something with Jay ever since I made the Green Machine 12”s a few years back.”

Preceded by the release of lead single ‘End Of The Trail’ – complete with a rework from Roman Fluegel – the next single to arrive will be, Lose Control which will drop one week before the full album, with Spencer Parker on remix duties.

Sounds good to us Marcus!

1. In Love
2.What Follows
3. Ten Miles High
4. Lose Control
5. End Of The Trail
6. Phase Out
7. Wir Warten
8. Is There No End
9. OB-8 (Winter Mix)


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