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Ramiro Lopez returns to ODD Recordings with ‘Ouh Mama’ EP


The formidable techno-devotee Ramiro Lopez returns to his home label, ODD Recordings with a heavy three-track EP: “Ouh Mama!”

So much has happened since Ramiro gave his first steps in music. While he was very young he spent his days listening to radio programs and specialised compilations but in 1996 he started to share his passion for music around Spain’s clubs. Working as a DJ before that a producer, he introduced himself slowly into the national circuit, acquiring skills on the turntable and experiencing the dance floor. This growing popularity led him to be part of Family Club for several years (Toledo famed Spanish night club) and playing music there every week alongside recognised artists on the international scene.

But the wheel never stops and Ramiro is constantly evolving: involved in many projects, his desire since the beginning is to make people live and enjoy what they listen to while he is working at the booth. He has collaborated with great artists and gigs travelling all around the world and playing in cities from Sao Paulo to Beijing, Barcelona or Ibiza delighting everyone with his music. We can say without a doubt that this is part of the new wave of Spanish artists.

Today, we premiere his ‘Blackout Tuesday’ of the new EP for ODD Recordings, we asked Ramiro about the EP and the track. Ramiro says I´ve been making this EP during the confinement. Sadly I haven’t been able to test them a lot on the dancefloor but I think they have a lot of power. “Blackout Tuesday” was created the same day of this movement. I had the idea in the early morning, made it just in a day and took all that energy. I think it is also a good chance to make a small tribute to the cause.  Hope you enjoy them!

Check out ‘Blackout Tuesday’ below and grab it here.


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