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Speaker Louis lands on Hyperactivity Music


Speaker Louis joins Hyperactivity Music for another huge addition to their discography. The Marseille label has once again put their foot down on the gas peddle for their 2020 release schedule. Their output has been unstoppable of late, standing as a central point for the French scene and providing the wider European territories with music which has been influenced by Hyperactivity’s local trenches. Time after time they’ve provided only the most cutting-edge sounds. This has been proven by their astonishing back catalogue.

Speaker Louis adds to this list and his forthcoming ‘Ruff Rider’ EP, which features three brand new tracks. These tracks further highlight why he was welcomed into the label’s ranks. After already making his presence felt on imprints such as Jungle Cakes, this is a return to form for the producer and will whet fan’s appetites for his next output through Hyperactivity.

From ‘Don’t Worry Your Mind’ through to ‘Every Sound’, Speaker Louis shows his many flavours throughout. Each track gives an insight into the artist, underlining why he’s gained himself such a notable platform throughout his burgeoning career. The EP opens up with our premiere ‘Don’t Worry Your Mind’ and is the perfect entrée for what’s to come. Laced with billowing vocal samples sitting between moody bass notes and rolling drum rhythms. Coming through in quick succession is ‘Ruff Rider’, with jungle-esque breaks and a rhythm which cuts deep. Its depth submerges you underneath its every layer and streams of melody break through the mix. This is the softer end of Speaker Louis’ production and it shows his ability to merge the light and the dark. Finally, prepare to be taken into the world of ‘Every Sound’, with funky grooves moving beneath composition and drum layers helping to give it the added hooks which make it so identifiable.

Speaker Louis adds a different take to the Hyperactivity sound and in doing so, provides an even larger pool for Hyperactivity to seep their influence into.

Check out ‘Don’t Worry Your Mind’ below. The EP drops on 5th August, make sure you bag yourself a copy from here


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