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Anoo Rado brings his ‘On The Move’ EP to OVRDOSE Deep


Anoo Rado, born and based in the Netherlands, has started producing hip-hop beats at an early age. His musical tastes shifted in his late teens moving to electronic music production but his early hip-hop taste is still influencing his sound resulting in a nostalgic atmosphere with rolling drums and funky basslines.

Not long after he started producing he also began playing in clubs and mixing his own music. His passion for deejaying grew and because of the positive reactions from other DJs and party people, he wanted to show his sound to the world. With that mindset, he started producing and playing more often. Anoo has played at venues as Toffler, Perron, Suger Factory, Claire, and Chicago Social Club.

Anno next lands on Menesix‘s OVRDOSE DEEP with his ‘On The Move’ EP. The package comes with two originals ‘On the Move’ & “Let it Be’ and a remix from High Soundsystem. We premiere the lead track ‘On The Move’ for you today, check it out below and grab it here.

Data Transmission · Anoo Rado – On The Move [OVRDOSE DEEP]