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Debut Transmission News

Premiere: Tim Engelhardt – Heart Resonance


HOSH’s fryhide label is back with a first EP that is from an artist other than the boss himself. That artist is Tim Engelhardt, a fast rising German wunderkind who serves up four fantastic tracks that prove why he is going to go on to big things. It is a great signing by HOSH and one that makes another standout EP on his young but impressive label.

Engelhardt is currently riding high off the success of his recent album, Moments of Truth, at just 19 years of age. It follows five years of essential tracks on other outlets and all of these have proved he has an emotive deep house and tech sound. Far from just functionality, club tunes, his music is fully formed with real vision and musicality. Says the artist of the release, “this is a chronicle of what I’ve been experiencing over the past two years; the transformation from someone who is interested in music and technology to a full solo artist and performer where my reality has become playing music and producing tracks.”

Our debut transmission ‘Heart Resonance’, is a moody track with lush chords and pads laid over soft but engaging drums. It’s a majestically magical affair that really cooks up some exquisite melodies.



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