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Petroll releases his ‘Samurai’ EP on Differential


Petroll is a big part of the Differential team. The Groningen based producer has been making serious moves in the scene over the course of the last year. He’s been producing for several years now, landing releases on the likes of Celcius Recordings, Mango Alley, Influenza Media and Soul Lab besides Differential. His speciality is combining his background in ambient music with the harder and minimal side of drum and bass. This makes his creativity and willingness to experiment crucial throughout his productions, creating unexpected moods and intriguing rhythms.

His latest offering “Samurai’ EP is out on 25th March via Differential and we premiere the title track ‘Samurai’. It combines hard-hitting drums, a deep bassline, atmospherics and some unexpected leads. The mellow intro slowly guides you towards the drop, building tension and setting you up for the rest. At the drop, however, ‘Samurai’ doesn’t let you go just yet, the tension keeps building and big kicks get the rhythm going, only to be interrupted by cut-up amen breaks. The breakdown and second drop add more rhythm and a steady vibe to keep you moving and slowly ease into the next track on the EP.

Check out Petroll ‘Samurai’ below and grab a copy here


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