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Oneohtrix Point Never Unveils ‘Sticky Drama’ Videos


Oneohtrix Point Never-1

Following on from the announcement of his new album ‘Garden Of Delete’ via a .pdf letter (a a fantastical – and probably fictional – depiction of the LP’s inception) to his fans uploaded to his website, Brooklyn based producer Oneohtrix Point Never has been slowly unveiling tracks from the inbound release for us to muse on, the latest being ‘Sticky Drama’.

The cut is one of 12 that will be on offer when the  “cybernetic rock” inspired album lands on Warp and further showcases just why the eclectic collectors’ favourite is considered one of the most important experimental artists operating within electronic music today.

Released in two parts – Sticky Drama (Prologue) and Sticky Drama (Music Video) – the videos feature a cast of over 35 children and aims to film tune into their “musical ambition” and bring to life “a fantastical world in which characters are on a quest, battling for dominance and in a race against time to archive past histories.”

Inspired by the costumes, staging and extended improvised narratives of Live Action Role Play (LARP), the video seeks to reflect the “vivid, often violent world of children’s imaginations and games,” and extend Jon Rafman and Daniel Lopatin’s ongoing investigation into “appropriation, the nature of memory and the horror of data loss.”

Originally commissioned by the Zabludowicz Collection in conjunction with Warp Records you can check out both of ‘Sticky Drama’s video accompaniments below.


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