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Debut Transmission: DJ Hybrid – Bloom in 93


dj hybrid

Being only ten in 1993, this writer wasn’t old enough to understand the cultural shifts in music that were sending shockwaves all over the country at the time – the morphing of acid house into hardcore, then into jungle, arguably the UK’s most exciting musical export ever – all I cared about was the release of Jurassic Park, that most impressive of sequels, Addams Family Values and of course Christmas favourite The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Award winning jungle producer DJ Hybrid takes us back to ’93 – in spirit, he hasn’t yet mastered time travel –  with a heavy slab of junglism taken from his soon to be released concept album ‘Mixed Origins’ that looks back at the origins and sub genres of jungle throughout the years year and the explosion in pirate radio activity helped the scene reach its 90s peak.

‘Bloom in 93’ kicks off with the sound of an FM radio transmitter scrolling through frequencies until it settles on our eponymous number, a banging revivalist track that utilises lo-fi dusty breaks, scattergun chopped with a plethora of vocal samples and the tough rolling subs that truly distinguished jungle from hardcore and acid house… It’s a belter, take a peek below.


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