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Oneohtrix Point Never Shares ‘Mutant Standard’


Oneohtrix Point Never-1

Following on from the announcement of his new album ‘Garden Of Delete’ via a .pdf letter (a a fantastical – and probably fictional – depiction of the LP’s inception) to his fans uploaded to his website, Brooklyn based producer Oneohtrix Point Never has been slowly unveiling tracks from the inbound release for us to muse on, the latest being ‘Mutant Standard’.

The cut is one of 12 that will be on offer when the  “cybernetic rock” inspired album lands on Warp and further showcases just why the eclectic collectors’ favourite is considered one of the most important experimental artists operating within electronic music today. Running across eight minutes  ‘Mutant Standard’ stammers through a variety of soundscapes, laying down yet another impressive marker as to what we can expect when the full album drops November 13th. Check it out below


Garden Of Delete
01. Intro
02. Ezra
04. Sticky Drama
05. SDFK
06. Mutant Standard
07. Child of Rage
08. Animals
09. I Bite Through It
10. Freaky Eyes
11. Lift
12. No Good


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