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Mark Reeve announces his ‘Temptation’ EP



SubVision continues to establish itself with a sizzling sixth EP, this time from boss Mark Reeve, He serves up two top originals and Egbert offers a fine remix.

Reeve is a serious techno head who all underground music lovers appreciate. He has played key places like Space Ibiza and Awakenings and has released on the likes of Drumcode and Cocoon, and now comes correct once more.

Opener and our premiere today, ‘Temptation’ is a real mood builder, with incendiary hi-hats and chattery snares that power you along. Effects bring drama to the synths and this one is sure to lock in the techno crowds. ‘Closer’ is much more melodic and Egbert’s remix of ‘Temptation’ into a dark bit of techno with plenty of creepy builds and austere sounds that work you into a lather.

All in all, this is another standout EP.

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