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London Welcomes New Nightclub, Phonox


Over the years, London clubbers (Data Transmission included) have shed many a tear for beloved nightspots, shut down through gentrification and renovation. That’s why we’re over the moon to report a new club, Phonox, set to launch in September.

Taking over the Brixton venue formally known as Plan B (which shut down back in June), Phonox aims to take clubbing back to its “raw ideals”, according to the press release. This means one dancefloor, one sound system, and two simplistic nights. On Fridays, Phonox will bring in a single DJ to play all night long; whilst Saturdays will be all about grass roots clubbing, with a “relatively new name” taking on the club’s only residency.

Seeing as Phonox will be run by The Columbo Group – the team behind XOYO and The Nest – we’ve high hopes for the club. We’ve got a very specific plan and set rules for ourselves to make the club into the place we want it to be: a dance floor full of people with smiles on their faces, not facing the DJ with camera phones at the ready, but enjoying the music for it’s own sake,” says company Director, Andy Peyton.

The first line-ups and the name of Phonox’s mysterious resident will be announced on August 3rd, in the meantime you can watch the club’s obscure promo video below:


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