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London Elektricity set to release ‘Building Better Worlds’ LP


After another huge year for London Elektricity and Hospital Records, Tony Colman is back with an album that is sure to be one of the most celebrated of this year. Following six studio albums of funk-driven loungecore, the Hospital Records’ head honcho embarks on the boldest musical adventure of his 30-year career with his seventh album ‘Building Better Worlds’.

It began in a Forest Hill cafe in 2017 where London Elektricity adoringly browsed through a series of Benjamin Beech’s photography of perfectly untouched, derelict buildings and towns in Japan, Taiwan and China.

“Many of the images show what has been, what could have been and what will be. The duality of beauty and melancholia within appealed to me immensely.”

Each track was married to a photo, to join the sights to sounds from each of his tales of ‘Building Better Worlds.’

“The beauty of this song lies in its simplicity, but also its duality. I’ll leave you to work out what the lyrics are really about… They are some of the darkest lyrics I’ve come across in years.”

Building Better Worlds album cover

Opening the album is the orchestral gem ‘Final View From The Rooftops’, that’s been a massive 13 years in the making and is the “most unusual piece of D+B he’s ever made”, and features the phenomenal operatic talent of Cydnei B. ‘Build A Better World’ is a smooth drum & bass sonnet with the vocals of Hospital favourite Emer Dineen.

Another special moment is the feature of London Elektricity’s youngest son, The Secretary-General. The talented nine-year-old takes no ‘Time To Think’ as he flawlessly flows through Inja’s lyrics with the ever-vibrant MC following suit, bringing the track full-circle across generations.

This latest body of work explores new territories for a very personal and expressive collection of tracks where drum & bass and live instrumentation meet. It is a masterpiece and clearly a lot of hard work and dedication has gone into producing it. How London Elektricity finds the time to create songs of this calibre on top of everything else he does is beyond me!

‘Building Better Worlds’ is available from 25th October as a special limited edition, 36-page lyric-book complete with an in-depth narrative for each track and a 3 x clear vinyl, on sale exclusively from the Hospital Shop.

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Check out ‘Build A Better World’ ft. Emer Dineen below


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