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‘s “machine music” label, Tessier-Ashpool, offers up a selection of tasty treats with new various artists EP, Street Food.

Although never an imprint to get bogged down in genre, TA’s sound has tended to centre around techno-grime hybrids thus far. Street Food helps the label move even further away from categorisation: TryTryDieDown offer up a serene slice of galactic ambience, Rejig goes full-throttle, Denham Audio cook up a subtle breakbeat roller, and Moslem Priest‘s ‘Ricochet’ is a plain and simple mindfuck (but in a good way).

If ever proof was required that Tessier-Ashpool is at the forefront of electronic experimentation, Street Food would be it. Check out the tracks for yourself below and head to the Juno from March 14th to pick up a copy.


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