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Debut Transmission: Sinchi Music – Aether Drift


Amsterdam-based art collective, Sinchi Music, are set to drop their 4-track Exhale EP this Monday on Night Noise.

According to their SoundCloud bio, the group – formed of musicians, producers, artists and writers – plans to “reveal the features of its many masks, with music inspired by forgotten industrial cities to lost shamanic civilisations.”

Well, that was enough to peak our interest, and after further exploration of the EP, we’re really glad it did. A lethargic blend of tropical tones and arpeggiated ’80s grit, opener ‘Aether Drift’ plants itself in a dark corner at the sultry, hypnotic end of disco.

Completed by remixes from the Gemini Brothers and FLVN, the Exhale EP is out September 14th.


01. Aether Drift
02. Silicone Sweat
03. Aether Drift (Gemini Brothers Remix)
04. Silicone Sweat (FLVN Remix)


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