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Debut Transmission: Juliet Fox – Can’t Sleep (Amtrac & Stanislav Remix)



Whilst electronic music as a community and an industry continues to adjust admirably to the Catch-22 nature of the internet, one camp that remains under duress is compilations. With major distributors now selling mixes, the majority of artists or labels regularly pushing out promo-packed free podcasts and ever more streaming options to watch DJs tear up booths and carve new niches all from the comfort of your hangover-recovery-room, the compilation finds itself at an increasingly crowded party. That’s not to say there aren’t exceptions to this rule with a number of outposts still seeing their releases able to separate themselves from the rest of the marauding pack.

One such series if undoubtedly Toolroom’s ‘Toolroom Live’ series, in which the label bring together three of the scenes fastest rising artists and producers to showcase the full spectrum of the labels musical space. Taking the helm this time around, Amtrac, Mendo and Filterheadz join the party with each DJ serving up a groove based helping of danceable house numbers.

Jam packed with exclusives, we’ve hooked up with our friends over at the label to premiere Amtrac and Stanislav’s energetic rework of Juliet Fox’s ‘Can’t Sleep’. Check it out below.

Like what you hear? Of course you do! Buy your copy of Amtrac and Stanislav’s remix of Juliet Fox’s ‘Can’t Sleep’ as part of Toolroom Live 03 here




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