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Crookers remix DJ Mocassino’s ‘Antonello’



DJ Mocassino might sound like a “newcomer”, but he already sounds like a pro.

Coming from a solid background related to music production under different aliases, DJ Mocassio is starting off his new project by putting some heavy weights on it.  His tune “Antonello” for Ciao Recs has been remixed by the likes of two household names: Hard-Ton and Crookers.  Both giving their personal twist to a pretty classic Detroit-inspired tune.

For our debut transmission, Crookers take on ‘Antonello’ marks the return of the Italian multi-platinum producer to some sort of post-futuristic avant-garde sounds by putting the original mix into a metallic mincer and spitting it back out over a lava-covered Persian rug.

All things summed up tend to suggest a pretty iconoclast yet punkish personality behind Mocassino’s elusive project. One to watch for sure.

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