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Millbrook tells us his Top 10 Tracks of 2020


There’s no question that the pandemic and subsequent world-wide lockdowns have placed a severe level of pressure on society. There’s also no question that a society under pressure creates the most exceptional art. 

During the summer-time lock-down Luxembourg born, Berlin-based Millbrook co-created ‘Echoes’ to prove this point perfectly. ‘Echoes’ is Millbrook’s first single after his hugely successful ten-track exclusivity deal with Viper Recordings, which saw the artist smash out ten exceptional releases for the imprint in little over 16 months, gaining kudos from the scenes guardian gatekeepers; Andy C, Friction, Noisia, DJ Hype, Camo & Krooked and more.

During this time Millbrook found himself crafting remixes for Matrix & Futurebound and Dossa & Locuzzed, while simultaneously crossing debuting at London’s Fabric and touring across the EU off his bucket list.  Millbrook has quickly become known throughout the industry for expertly executing that elusive balance of cross-over appeal while maintaining the authenticity which is integral to the drum and bass scene.

With forthcoming releases on some of the biggest labels in the game (keep you’re eyes and ears peeled), Millbrook’s latest single ‘Echoes’ comes to us courtesy of Discover Records, a new independent label set up by a keen-eared, and highly respected Spotify playlist curator. 

Passion, art and love are often witnessed in their purest forms when snatched from the darkest of times. During the grey, solitary march that was the European summer lockdown, Millbrook ended up meeting his, now partner. Together they co-created ‘Echoes’; the uplifting track that was born from a need to capture people’s frustration of not being able to attend live events. Soaring pads, euphoric synths and bubbly beats combine to create an energetic vibe which is so inspiring it almost drips hope from each of it’s glorious, hands-in-the-air build-ups and every bouncy, broken-beat drop.

Read on to discover Millbrook’s favourite 10 tracks to come out of the “year that shall not be named”…

Flume feat. Toro y Moi ‘The Difference’

I love this track. It might not be as fast as most classic Drum & Bass tracks but this track works for people in the community but also for those who’ve never heard of the genre. That’s what I call a great crossover track.

1991 ‘Power’ (ft. BullySongs)

Probably one of my favorite Drum & Bass songs nowadays. From the second it starts I get an uplifting euphoric feeling. Great vocal too.

Ytram & Elderbrook ‘Fire’

I don’t think there is a track I dislike from Elderbrook. The combination of his voice and melodies is what does it for me. This one is no different.

Camo & Krooked & Mefjus ft. Sophie Lindinger ‘No Tomorrow’

I have to include this one of course. With it’s cinematic theme and the extremely well executed sound design, it’s easily one of the best tracks to come out this year.

Empara Mi ‘Ditch’

Here’s something non Drum & Bass for a change. While some people might recognize her from the latest Sub Focus & Wilkinson album, this is one of my favorite tracks from her solo projects to date.

BICEP ‘Apricots’

Do yourself a favour, put this track on, lean back and lose yourself. Emotions are real in this one.

Dimension ‘Offender’

Pure fucking energy!

Pendulum ‘Nothing For Free’

I pretty much had this one on repeat this year! This one will never get old.

Wilkinson & Sub Focus ‘Freedom’

One of my favourite tracks from the album. It somehow makes me feel a special way when I listen to it, hard to explain – but so does the entire album!

Seinabo Sey ‘Pistols at Dawn’ (Culture Shock Remix)

While this one is a little older, it definitely is one of the best crossover Drum & Bass tracks I’ve ever heard. An all time favourite.

Millbrook released ‘Echoes’ (ft. Eviya) 3 weeks ago, check it out below and grab it from here


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