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Di Bosco presents visuals for “Vaffanculo”


Paris based DJ/producer Di Bosco releases her playful and explicit single “Vaffanculo” via French label WAGRAM.

Formerly releasing under the name of Yorina with her breakout track “Dry Your Tears”, she quickly caught buzz that led to an opening slot for Her at Le Point Ephémère. The ex-fashion designer has since moved behind the decks, and sourced inspiration from French electro-house and her Sicilian roots alike.

When requesting a quote from Di Bosco on her latest, the label got back to us with:

With her special recipe, Di Bosco subverts and distorts this Italian expression until she takes off its serious et changes it through an electro verbal game

As the follow up to her singles “House !” and “Cacio e Pepe” , watch her tongue-in-cheek flair come alive through these visuals that plunge us into her eccentric world.