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Tea & Biscuits With: Millbrook


With an impressive amount of support and airtime from the likes of Andy C, Friction, Noisia, DJ Hype, Camo & Krooked, High Contrast and Glitch Mob already under his belt, Berlin-based producer and DJ Michel Losch, aka Millbrook, is now ready to elevate his sound to the next level.

Millbrook has officially graduated (cue cap throwing!) onto the Ram Records platform with his latest single ‘You & Me’, which features the vocal talents of Selin and shows his penchant for exploring a range of production styles. With an array of support from artists already mentioned plus many more resounding names, Millbrook is an exciting addition to Ram’s ever-growing breed of new talent.

Towards the back end of last year, Millbrook graced us with his top 10 tracks to come out of lockdown up until that point (read it here). With his latest release on one of the biggest and longest-running labels in Drum & Bass history we thought we’d have a quick cup of tea and a catch up with the quickly rising DJ and Producer!

Hey Michel! Thanks for speaking to us. You have a very eclectic approach when it comes to producing Drum & Bass. What three artists do you think have inspired this sound? 

Hi! Honestly, naming just 3 artists would be difficult. It’s more the different styles and elements that you find in certain music genres that make up a specific sound. Nowadays more than ever, I try to not limit myself to a specific genre but instead try to listen to multigenre playlists on Spotify for example. That way I can just zone out and have my brain pick up new things in tracks I haven’t heard before.

Is there anything you’ve aimed for specifically when producing Drum & Bass or has your signature come naturally?

I’d say it was a natural process but I’m still evolving heavily. The moment you chose to just be yourself you kind of let go of that idea of wanting to be someone else or to sound like someone else. That’s where your own sound starts to evolve into something hopefully unique.

What was it that drew you to Ram? Is there a set of particular tracks which first introduced you to the label?

Honestly, it wasn’t one specific track. It’s the entire history of the label, the artists who’ve released on it over the years and all together just its immense credibility in the Drum & Bass world.

What tracks are currently on your playlists? Are there any non-Drum & Bass records you keep returning to right now?

There are probably a lot more non-Drum & Bass records in my playlists than actual Drum& Bass records. That’s simply because I like taking inspiration from other genres much more than looking at other artists within the same genre.

What would you like to see more of post-pandemic? Is there anything you’d like to see change when you hit the road again or when you’re releasing and club shows are back on?

I’ve only been active under the name Millbrook for a little over 2 years so technically speaking, almost 50 per cent of the time there was a global pandemic going on, ultimately keeping me from even starting to properly play out regularly. That said, I just hope that the music and event industry can recover to a healthy place again so that I and many other artists can go back to doing what we all love.

What have been your favourite live streams from the past twelve months? And how have you felt music has adapted to the lack of live spaces? 

I have a big amount of respect to those who’ve committed to actually doing consistent live streams. I definitely locked in to Metrik and Grafix a couple of times. It’s great that some artists have given people a space to come together on a weekly basis, chat and showcase new music.

Which clubs are you looking forward to heading back to when everything is open again? And where can we catch you playing?

There’s so many places I haven’t been to yet. I loved playing at Fabric London and it’s crazy to think that that was the only UK show I’ve ever played to this date. The UK is such a big part of the music I put out so I want to properly explore the club culture over there as soon as it’s possible to travel and party again. Liquicity and Let It Roll are also two festivals I can’t wait to play at. Liquicity was my first big festival booking last year and due to the pandemic, it was postponed to 2021.

Fingers crossed we will all see each other in person again!

Millbrook ft. Selin ‘You & Me’ is out NOW on Ram Records, you can grab it from here!


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