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Wreckless returns to Dispatch with ‘Leap And The Net Will Appear’ EP


Wreckless returns to Dispatch Limited for this deeply personal ‘Leap And The Net Will Appear’ EP, where he reflects on a period of intense change in his life. At the time many of these tracks were written he had reached a real turning point in his life, turning to music production to help handle grief but also mark the transition from working full time into professional music production.

With the EP title reflecting this leap of faith, the tracks are also representative of the emotions he felt during this time. ‘C# blues’ is an Emu bass workout, mainly anger and frustration. ‘Programs without Purpose’ is all punk, all attitude, working out loss, feeling fear. ‘Freelancer’ is about making the jump and believing better things are out there. ‘Tealights’ is about acceptance and finding peace. ‘Holiday blues’ is about moving on and ends the EP on a note of hope.

As Wreckless himself says “I really hope people see this journey in the music. I am in such a different headspace now, but I love how reflective this EP is of that time”.

Check out our premiere of ‘Tealights’ below. Wreckless drops his ‘Leap And The Net Will Appear’ EP on 4th February, make sure you grab a copy from here

Leap And The Net Will Appear cover

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