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Ink & Gremlinz ‘Juno Dawn’ [Dispatch Recordings]


Ink & Gremlinz ‘Juno Dawn’ [Dispatch Recordings] *** Out 12th November 2021***

Writing music together for almost 3 decades, Ink & Gremlinz have pioneered their own take on Drum & Bass and so they make the perfect pairing to continue the Blueprints ethos, presenting their take on classic, old skool sounds with contemporary production techniques.

‘Juno Dawn’ is a tribute to the atmospheric tracks heard at legendary clubs like Speed. It is a direct reference to Ink’s own ARX (Architecture Recordings) sound and style, a seven minute journey through the depths of these emotive and imaginative soundscapes.

In contrast ‘Faceless’ is a nod to the Horsemen sound that Ink & Gremlinz have been part of for many years – created originally by The 4 Horsemen (Ink, Loxy, Dylan and Keaton) this tough and rolling sound found home on labels like Renegade Hardware and Metalheadz – primarily focusing on b-boy break beats, with those deep tribal and tech elements that continue throughout, developing in a continual roll out.


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