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Warm Ears Music drop ‘5 Years of Warm Ears Music’ Compilation


Warm Ears Music are celebrating 5 years of the label with an extra special release… ‘5 Years Of Warm Ears Music’ compilation.

Milestones don’t come around often, so as the imprint reaches half a decade, they felt it was time to celebrate. They proudly present their 25th release, featuring 5 remixes from Zero T, Ill Truth, HLZ, M-Zine and Molecular.

This 5-track remix compilation brings fresh twists on tracks that have shaped the journey of the label. It is their most ambitious project to date and the start of a new chapter for Warm Ears Music.

Join in this celebration, as Warm Ears Music continue their commitment towards showcasing the finest underground music from across the world. 

Today we premiere ‘Vanilla Sky’ which was originally created by Maykors but gets a remix from Zero T.

33 year old Maykors also known as Stas from St.Petersburg, Russia, first heard Drum & Bass music in the early 2000’s and it was love at first sight…or hear. He released his first tracks in 2018 and has now released 7 projects and gained support from some of the biggest platforms in the genre including Drum & Bass Arena, Skank and Bass, Studio Drum & Bass, ourselves and more. Maykors claims he does not adhere to one style and he delights in a variety of moods and grooves.

With his first release in 1999, London based Cian McCann aka Zero T has long since established his place in the scene. From his early days discovering music to working with the likes of Calibre,4 Hero, Klute, Alix Perez, Icicle and Noisia, he has never stayed still for very long.

Zero T’s discography reflects the diversity that his DJ sets have always shown, ranging from full vocal smoothness to more rolling, dance floor styles. You are as likely to find his music on labels like Metalheadz and Shogun as on Soul:r or Signature.

After a short period away from the scene, 2014 saw the return of Zero T as a producer, remixer and DJ with a Metalheadz debut and a spate of collaborations with the legendary Fierce on the highly regarded Quarantine.

Check out Zero T’s remix of Maykors’ ‘Vanilla Sky’ below. The ‘5 Years Of Warm Ears Music’ comp drops on 5th July on Bandcamp and will be available everywhere else on 21st July, make sure you grab a copy from the purchase button beneath the Soundcloud player.

5 Years of Warm Ears Music artwork

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