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Tyrone joins The North Quarter with ‘Hurt Index’ EP


Veteran Newcastle Drum & Bass producer Tyrone makes his debut on The North Quarter with ‘Hurt Index’ EP, a bespoke six-track statement piece showing off a new dimension to his sound.

While writing the ‘Hurt Index’ EP on and off over a two year period, Tyrone challenged himself to step out of his comfort zone and to find a tone that balances his signature sound with that of The North Quarter. The end result is a collection of intricate hi-tech funk of the highest pedigree and a project of a more weathered artist, who has grown and expanded his repertoire.

“The last few years have seen some really turbulent times in my personal life which in turn has given me the ability to be able to lean on these emotions for inspiration. There was an emotion carried throughout the production of each of these tunes which is what makes this project incredibly personal to me” Tyrone explains. “The entire process has In a way been very cathartic, sort of like a spring clean for the brain.” – Tyrone

Tyrone began DJing around 1996 and was influenced predominantly by hardcore as it was a huge scene in the North-East back then. He began playing out in Newcastle around 2007 and held a residency until 2014 at a night called Turbulence at Digital which was run by Phobia. The night was already an institution in the North-East and being able to come on board and play every month alongside the biggest artists in the scene was hugely influential to him. He got into production around 2008 back seat driving with Phobia and Jubei however he didn’t start taking it serious till they formed Chroma with Sato and released on labels like CIA, Program, Hardware and Commercial Suicide etc. Over the last few years he decided to try and further hiself as a solo artist and release under his Tyrone alias, which is where he’s at now. 

Today we premiere ‘City Lights’ which you can check out below. Tyrone’s ‘Hurt Index’ EP drops via The North Quarter on Friday 22nd October. Make sure you grab a copy from the purchase link beneath the Soundcloud player!


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