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Type joins SweetBox with ‘Cola Cube/Vibration’


Diffrent Music is proud to welcome Type to the SweetBox family. The UK junglist and MPC Jedi master is the genius behind the Tube Digga YouTube channel.

Type is Ash Sargant, also known as Tube Digga, the man behind countless in depth tutorials and unique workarounds on his YouTube channel. He has gained the reputation as being an ‘MPC Jedi’ and one of few producers who produce jungle drum and bass solely on an MPC.

Since 2017 he has helped thousands of MPC users to get the best out of the iconic pad sampler via his videos and private tutoring.

In the mid nineties after moving to London he quit the acting course he was attending, as his passion for music was much stronger. Instead of going home and studying Shakespeare, he was listening to Fabio and Grooverider and Colin Faver on Kiss FM and pirate radio. He started DJing more seriously and landed a warm up slot at Movement, a Drum and Bass night held at Bar Rumba in Shaftesbury Avenue in Soho. He continued DJ Jungle/Drum and Bass and HipHop for the next 15 years at various nights in and around London, and steadily developed his production skills using whatever machinery he could get his hands on.

After struggling for another few years trying to afford expensive studio time, he decided to invest in a sampling keyboard workstation. Cut to 2009, he lived in Liverpool for a few years. Here he worked as a sound designer for a well known console gaming company, and bought his first MPC, the MPC1000. It was this machine, alongside the Elektron Octatrack which came out soon after in 2011, that confirmed his preference to work within a small self contained audio universe. One where he would not be distracted by the internet and fancy plugins. 

The restrictions always led to better creative energy. Jump again to 2015 and after a several years hiatus from producing jungle and drum and bass, he got his passion back again. 

In 2018 he connected with Double O from Rupture, another MPC junglist. He had left some positive vibes on a YouTube comment on his channel. They subsequently formed a good friendship. Basically, two jungle dads who geek off at each other about the latest synths and samplers on the market! Soon after Type started posting videos of his tracks made entirely on his MPC on the Long Live Beautifully Crafted Jungle Facebook group. These videos caught the attention of Marc Mac (Reinforced), David Stretch (AKO), MC Conrad and both Chris Inperspective and Chris ‘Dexta’ Royle. This connection with Dexta led up to his debut single on SweetBox.

On the A-side, is our premiere where a classic flavour meets a classic sound. ‘Cola Cube’ is ruffneck jungle business of the highest order. Overdriven, high-octane choppage and gully bassline action that’s guaranteed to cause an immeasurable amount of damage in any set.

On the flip, ‘Vibration’ sees Type in murky steppa mode. Leading in with the signature psychedelic time-stretching of the Akai S950, this one delivers the kind of overwhelming bass weight that’ll have your chest rattling into next week.

Check out our premiere of ‘Cola Cube’ below. The release will be available digitally and as a limited edition 10” lathe cut vinyl from 30th October from the Diffrent Music Bandcamp, digital retailers and record shops. Make sure you get your copy here


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