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Subdue returns to Riddim Records with ‘Dusk’ EP


Subdue, one of the UK’s finest rising talents, has returned to Riddim Records with some his most elegant work to date. With his unique and stylistic approach to Drum & Bass, ‘Dusk’, a new four track EP, perpetuates the sound that the crew at Riddim hold so dear. Fusing tech-y rollers, glitchy beats, deep atmospherics and newfangled vocals.

The title track, ‘Dusk’, is our first stop and our premiere today. Progressive euphoria with both incredible warmth and a delicate sound, deep bass and hypnotic drums bring the vibes.

‘When I’m Alone’ hangs a sharp left into a dark and tech-y roller with seriously eerie undertones. Subdue goes even deeper with the glitchy ‘Reality’. A murky stepper that combines a raunchy lead synth and powerful sub. 

Finally, ‘Afraid of You’ is the warm glow ending the tunnel, featuring the rich vocals of ES. Kay, one of Riddim’s newest signings. A signature ballad to take us home.

He’s already had a string of releases so far this year on Skankandbass, Context Audio, The Dreamers Recordings. He has spent a lot of time developing his own take on the deeper side of Drum & Bass. As a result he has been getting that moodiness in his tracks spot on.

It’s been nearly a year since Subdue’s last Riddim Records feature ‘Who Am I‘ on their VA album in early 2020. He’s now returned home, and what a return it is!

Check out Subdue ‘Dusk’ below. The EP drops on 2nd November on Riddim Records. Make sure you grab a copy from here


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