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Diffrent Music set to drop new compilation LP ‘Revolution Of The Giraffe’


Diffrent Music returns with a burst of energy after a long break, having spent their time nurturing a pair of young giraffes. They’re back with an electrifying new compilation titled ‘Revolution Of The Giraffe’ LP.

Established in 2010, the label’s original mission was to inject freshness into the Drum & Bass scene, which had become overly predictable. Over the years, Diffrent has consistently pushed boundaries, fostered emerging talents, and expanded beyond its initial ambitious goals. ‘Revolution Of The Giraffe’ introduces us to 17 cutting-edge electronic tracks, reaffirming that even after 13 years, Diffrent’s sound remains unparalleled.

The compilation features seasoned artists from the label’s illustrious history, including Drum & Bass mainstay Arkaik and sonic architect Fearful. They collaborate with label boss Dexta for the track ‘Old Skool,’ which samples MC GQ and embodies the classic Diffrent vibe. Additionally, there are several debut appearances: A. Fruit reimagines the timeless Diffrent classic ‘Boxgroove’ by Dexta & Hyroglifics, turning it into a glitchy halftime stomper. Silent Dust, the heads of none60, transform Dexta’s ‘SE4’ into a rebellious dancefloor juggernaut, while Gaunt‘s ‘Firefloor’ becomes a rave artillery piece in the capable hands of Pepsi Slammer.

Label stalwart Mauoq infuses his signature psychedelic future dub twist into ‘Departed’ by Cuelock, who reciprocates with the ice-cold, grime-inspired ‘Pages Of Snow.’ Lakeway conjures the epic ‘Even Though,’ a nearly eight-minute journey of ecstatic, spellbinding, hyper-rave wonder. Dexta goes solo with ‘Giraffes On Acid,’ a squelchy techno jungle stormer, and even Sense MC makes an unexpected appearance.

The new-generation Diffrent acts shine brightly too. The unmistakable BrandNewTrumpets kicks off the album alongside Macc with ‘We Are The Tightrope Walkers,’ a compelling spoken word piece that explodes into a flurry of relentless beats. No Nation, Sheba Q, and BK Balance deliver explosive, high-tech junglism with ‘Too Late.’ From Diffrent’s industrial-toned sister label ‘Are We Really Alone?’ (A.W.R.A.), Amir De Bois joins forces with Fearful for the jittery and paranoid ’73.’ Tokyo’s Itti summons thunderous bass on the ritualistic ‘Rumbling,’ and the mind-bending remix of Diffrent’s inaugural release, ‘Everyones Mad’ by Chills, remixed by Croatian artist Spaj.A.S.E., is finally unveiled after winning a competition.

Always forward-looking, Diffrent also welcomes the modern jungle visionary Eusebeia, who adds his ethereal touch to Crypticz‘s ‘Could Have Been,’ and up-and-coming talents Illexandra & TGRbass, who serve up the supercharged, elastic bounce of ‘Swampy Swami.’

Concluding the compilation with a track from deep within the vaults, ‘Aftaparty’ by Beezy and MNTX is a heartfelt tribute to the unpredictable journey of a night. It’s a fitting ending, as a new chapter in the story of Diffrent Music unfolds. Where will it take you? Come along for the ride and find out.

Today we premiere label boss Dexta’s contribution ‘Giraffes On Acid’ which you can check out below. The ‘Revolution Of The Giraffe’ LP drops this Friday 22nd September. It will be available digitally and on cassette (yep, you read that right!), alongside a limited edition zine. Grab a copy here!

Revolution Of The Giraffe cover

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