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Total Science remaster ‘Jungle Jungle’ for ’25 Years of Metalheadz’


As the 25 Years of Metalheadz project picks up steam once again the label is happy to honour another milestone by welcoming Total Science back into the fold with ‘Universe 92’ and ‘Jungle Jungle (Remaster)’. This release also commemorates Total Science’s own glorious two and a half decades of service.

Jason Greenhalgh (Q-Project) and Paul Smith (Spinback) first met in 1987 brought together through their mutual love of hip-hop music. Over the next few years, the pair developed a deep appreciation for Techno and Dance music at the beginning of its worldwide takeover. By 1991, Spinback was an established DJ, gracing the decks at events week in week out including the world-famous Universe, meanwhile, Q-Project had entered into the studio, his first release ‘Freestyle Fanatic”. Their first label, Legend Records was launched with Q-Project’s highly acclaimed ‘Champion Sound’ in 1992. It took their profile to new heights, and it remains one of the most influential tunes of its time and generation. This was swiftly followed by the start of their early recording career together under the name Funky Technicians…and so the unstoppable collaboration had begun.

Distracted by the arrival of hardcore in the early 90s, record collecting was quickly followed by DJing and eventually production with the duo now boasting a discography few can rival. It’s that hardcore and more specifically Reinforced Records influence that heads up this release with ‘Universe 92’, a nostalgic but highly polished number.

‘Jungle Jungle’ sits on the other side, which Metalheadz say is “easily one of our most requested represses and an iconic anthem from the early 2000s which is arguably Total Science’s greatest gift to the genre”.

Check out our premiere of the newly remastered ‘Jungle Jungle’ below. The 6th part of 25 Years Of Metalheadz lands on Friday 4th March, make sure you grab a copy for your collection from here!

Jungle Jungle cover

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