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Cargo drops ‘Step Up / This Love’ on Identity Records


Hold tight! Identity Records is tearing open the fabric of the new year with fists, bringing you two fresh tunes ‘Step Up’ and ‘This Love’ from none other than Cargo. Brandishing a unique brand of sound design and infusing it with the stripped-back ethos of the label, the producer delivers two fierce tracks that push the limits of sound to the max.

‘Step Up’ opens with the menacing mutated vocals of Freddy B, setting the stage for the overwhelming weight of the drop. Hitting with a sub so deep it lays you out flat and the track wastes no time in bringing forth its signature crunchy snare. Grinding buzzes and swirling effects round out the soundscape, solidifying the sinister backdrop which helps define the track. With all these elements combined, there’s no denying this one is an absolute weapon.

Driving and hypnotic, ‘This Love’ brings forth the ultimate blend of heavyweight subs and infectious moody vibes. The deep ghostly tones of the vocals ricochet inside your brain, as the cascading step of the rhythm carries you off into oblivion. Placing intricate hat shuffles and growling soundscapes in just the right spots, we get a precisely crafted tune that showcases exactly why Cargo is one to watch.

Today we premiere ‘Step Up’ which sees Cargo collab with lyricist Freddy B which you can check out below. The tracks dropped on Friday 29th April, make sure you grab a copy from here!

Step Up cover