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Tek drops his ‘Pepper Spray’ EP on Identity Records


The relentless pursuit of sub-heavy sound design, gritty melodic motifs, and gut-punching snares are central to the Identity Records sound. With Tek joining the roster, we get four tactical-driven tracks on his ‘Pepper Spray’ EP that push the evolution of these elements into undiscovered territory. Featuring four fresh tunes chock full of a bewildering menagerie of switches and drops, this release shakes you to the very core.

‘Get Out’ starts out with an eerie atmosphere accompanied by a cerebral haunting melody. As the kick and snare come rolling in, the tension mounts as you can feel the drop about to hit. With the deep repetitive hum of the sub perfectly counterpointing the drum pattern, the frenetic shuffle of the hat section further solidifies the weighty effect this track has.

Bringing out the deep soulful arsenal, Tek brings us ‘Simultude’. This tune showcases his production chops, with layers upon layers of precisely crafted harmonics and cascades of surreal FX. The kick and sub work in perfect unison to establish the melancholic atmosphere, with the haunting vocal sample and the ricochet of the snare driving the momentum forward at the perfect speed.

Joining with boss man himself Dis:turbed, ‘Pepper Spray’ is a massive collab between these two heavyweights that defies all expectations. With razor-sharp drums and a killer sub like nothing you’ve ever heard before – this is a sound system wrecker pure and simple; the hard as nail rhythm employed is as stripped back as they come but possesses a lethal force that can’t be denied. It’s a track that feels intimately familiar upon first listen, as it revels in its searing murky vibes.

‘Mortem’, a collab with Tang, explores the sinister side of dark minimal dnb; with a sludge driven bassline and squalls of noise creating an ominous mood; simultaneously, the rambunctious click shuffle work in unison to pull the listener in two separate directions. This creates the singular push and pull of this song that makes it the ideal weapon for any dark dnb head.

Opening with the fierce lyricism of Prophecy MC, ‘Domina’ is a relentless rolling collaboration between Tek and Undecentum. Employing a wobbly sub that syncs effortlessly with the kick and snare, it creates a surging rhythm that serves as the perfect backdrop for the vocal explorations undertaken. Each layer slowly rises and falls, intertwining in subtle ways that create a constantly shifting landscape that is mind-warping to behold. 

Today we premiere ‘Domina’ which you can check out below. The ‘Pepper Spray’ EP drops on Identity Records on 25th June, make sure you get yourself a copy from the purchase button beneath the Soundcloud player!


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