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Satl is set to drop his ‘Gloom’ LP on The North Quarter


Following a slew of singles including ‘Standing By’, ‘Karma’ and ‘Bapao’, tastemaker Polish DJ-producer Satl drops his most ambitious project to date, his debut album ‘Gloom’, via Lenzman’s The North Quarter imprint.

Since immersing himself in music whilst growing up in rural Poland and finding his feet on the scene beyond his hometown, Satl has moulded a sound uniquely his own. With roots in eclectic, soulful D&B before taking the leap to incorporate a diverse range of genres including garage, UK bass, dubstep, techno and more into his productions and live sets, Satl is now ready to showcase a newly evolved and versatile palette on new project ‘Gloom’.

Devoted to his sound with multiple releases under his belt, Satl has drawn on over a decade of experience with a depth and talent beyond his years releasing on labels like Integral, Metalheadz, Shogun Audio and The North Quarter. Known for his signature electronic cuts with a drive to constantly excel himself and broaden his horizons, Satl has put himself firmly on the map with tracks such as ‘Everything Anything’, which gathered over 1M Spotify streams and extensive support from BBC Radio 1, whilst also collaborating with the likes of DRS, Artificial Intelligence, Tokyo Prose and earning praise across his work from Goldie, Fabio, dBridge, Doc Scott and more.

Meanwhile, performances at London’s fabric club, Bristol’s Motion, and Amsterdam’s Paradiso plus festival slots across Rampage, We Are Electric, Let It Roll and Sun and Bass have solidified the producer as one to watch internationally. Adding to his global appeal, Satl has graced Hong Kong and Sydney for tours as well as previously playing at The North Quarter ADE label showcase this year and is set to hypnotise on UK soil at Phonox this December for an additional TNQ label night alongside Lenzman, Artificial Intelligence and more.

Returning to his North Quarter family, Satl provides an album that demonstrates a sonic turning point for the artist. He describes the project as a “risk he doesn’t mind taking”, a concoction of genres suggesting Satl as an evolving multi-genre artist and DJ. He explains this well-timed redirection, “I never wanted to be boxed into one style/genre, but I think I just wasn’t brave enough as an artist to really push this agenda forward until now.” He continues to explain the personal significance of his musical expansion, “I think this collection represents where I am at the moment, a ‘new me’, and I’m definitely planning to stay here for a while, while always looking to the future.” 

Championed by another who isn’t afraid to experiment, label head and esteemed tastemaker Lenzman describes Satl’s unique artistry; “what sets Satl apart for me is that he is able to write across all styles of electronic music at a high level and without taking breaks. It’s something I’ve rarely witnessed really.

‘Gloom’ is a captivating and crystalline production that effortlessly dances between fast-paced euphoria and soothing tranquillity. Tracks like ‘Frozen’ open the album with mellow breaks whilst ‘Hard Times’ builds with trembling, bass-heavy percussion. The previous single ‘Bapao’ continues the pace as a relentless genre bender littered with a flourishing arsenal of hefty breakdowns.

Meanwhile, tracks like ‘Werk It’ playfully draw on garage influences whilst ‘Ride Or Die’ featuring vocalist Rhi is a sultry, haunting anthem packed with rippling synth lines across rugged bass lines. Seamlessly leading into ‘Rxde Or Dxe Pt. 2’ Satl picks up the pace back to his D&B roots, which mercilessly darts through a mind-bending bass wormhole.

Satl’s captivating science fiction inspirations continue to shine on ‘UFO’, a cosmic rave-ready gem that samples dire circumstances in space adventures, whilst the initial single ‘Standing By’ featuring SAÍGO revisits Satl’s soulful streak. ‘Karma’ feat. Frank H Carter III is a confessional liquid ballad that continues the soul-drenched collaborations whilst the producer’s darker elements primed for the early hours manifest in the unashamedly hypnotic ‘Reality Check’, rumbling  ‘Kamikaze’, and garage and UK bass-infused ‘Zmiana’, which eloquently throws together all the right ingredients to lose your mind on the dance floor. Drawing the album to a close with the final track ‘Falling’, Satl leaves the project on an atmospheric and enthralling high. Marking a triumphant transition and evolution for Satl, ‘Gloom’ demonstrates the producer’s most eclectic album yet.

Today we premiere ‘Kamikaze’ which you can check out below. Satl drops his album ‘Gloom’ on Friday 18th November, be sure to grab yourself a copy from here!

Gloom cover

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