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Reviewed: Manual ‘Disintegrate’ EP


With only a year under his belt, Essex born Manual has landed firmly into the drum and bass world. Although fairly new to the scene, eyes of some of the best follow Theo (Manual) and his EP ‘Disintegrate’, including Annix, Aries and Nicky Blackmarket to name a few. This comes at no surprise with the quality and ardour of his tracks – including ‘So Seductive’ (by name and by nature), ‘Fluctuate’, ‘Disintegrate’ and ‘Like dis’. The EP holds your attention as an enigma, enticing you in with the wobbly sounds of his first tracks, and coaxing you on the journey towards ‘Like Dis’ which dabbles in the waters of breaks and a taste of jump-up energy.

Manual’s zeal for the underground genre is evident through his EP and his fast rise in the scene. As the first track on the EP, you are lured in with ‘So Seductive’, an atmospheric start leading to a wobbly creation accompanied by clean hitting synths and tickles of a melody, joined by the vocal sample which draws you in, leading you to the first drop, which gives us what we hoped for with a heavy bang. Once captured by the hard hitting drums and funky bass, the track feels ideally made for making you move on the dancefloor and stands strong as the first track on the EP.

Enta’s remix falls into the heavier side of the drum and bass genre, slightly darker and with more influences from neuro evident, Enta made it his own. The two tracks demonstrate prowess as creators and compliment each other, perfectly showcasing the flair of both the talented producer

The third track of the EP ‘Disintegrate’ exhibits his versatility, diving into the gritty realms of drum and bass. We are greeted with sounds of signals, laying side by side with the heavy bass illustrating the influences from industrial soundscapes. Taken on a journey of a well manufactured track, Manual showcases his ability as a producer with this one and decorates it with distorted bass and percussion.

Starts with numerous keys of synths, coming together to build up to a collective of sounds, hints of a melody creeps in as it joins you on the climb. ‘Fluctuate’ delivers a bass which stays with you, guiding you through the maze of drums, and then passes you on to the second long, heavy bass. This fourth track may be near the last but is by no means the least; synths oscillating between high and low and hard hitting drums are the perfect concoxion to a certified banger.

‘Like Dis’ is a powerful display of the multi talented producer, and stands out on the EP. At first you are drawn in with jungle breaks and familiar old school signal sounds, and this holds your attention, but the smell of jump up influences are in the air, and we are met with them face first into the fog horn, whilst still allowing the breaks to survive underneath – another indication of talent and technique in production. ‘Like Dis’ will be a strong contender as fan favourite for the EP and sets a vigorous tone for the package as a whole.

Manual ‘Disintegrate’ EP is out now on Onyx Recordings CLICK HERE TO BUY!


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