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Objectiv drops ‘Back Hand / Close’ on Vandal Records


Felix H. aka Objectiv is a Drum and bass producer based in London. With a focus on explorative bass sound design and heavy-hitting drum work, he’s previously been penned by labels as one of the most exciting young heads in the scene.

Objectiv first appeared on the scene in 2017 and since then he’s had a solid release schedule. In just over a year he’s seen his records put out by Flexout Audio, Lifestyle Music and Bowlcut Beats, there’s probably more too! Not one to do things by halves, Objectiv has 2 releases out today! ‘Back Hand / Close’ drop on Vandal Records (one of which we are premiering today). The other, ‘Purgatory’ drops on new imprint The Mob Recordings.

Never far from the action, Felix is a producer very near and dear to peoples hearts. Whenever there’s a party he’s never too far from the action. You’ll find him either ripping it up behind the decks or getting the drinks in at the bar. With a growing catalogue of releases and exceptional remixes under his belt, Objectiv is becoming a known entity to anyone serious about Drum & Bass music. He’s one of the shining new talents and rising stars of the underground.

Vandal Records is a french Drum & Bass label founded in 2004 by SKS and is devoted to the dancefloor. Sub-label Vandal Limited was founded in 2014 by SKS and Redeyes and is dedicated to liquid and deep music.

As previously stated, we’re premiering ‘Back Hand’ for you today. It starts off slow with great use of synths and atmospherics, before the bass drops and your screwface comes into play. It’s a deep, dark stepper and has a vocal which says “these sounds, lead the way”. I don’t think there’s any words more accurate and fitting for this!

You can check out Objectiv ‘Back Hand’ below. The 2 track single drops today via Vandal Records. Make sure you grab the release from here


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