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Objectiv drops 2 new tracks on Lifestyle Music


Stepping up for the next instalment on Lifestyle Music is the insanely talented Objectiv. Never far from the action, Felix is a producer very near & dear to their heart, and whenever there’s a Lifestyle party he’s never far, either ripping it up behind the decks or getting them in at the bar. With a growing catalogue of releases and exceptional remixes under his belt, Objectiv is becoming a known entity to anyone serious about D&B music, one of the shining new talents of the underground.

Objectiv artwork

This release sees him take it a little bit off-piste, experimenting with some serious aggressive bass design, and stripped-back production. Two perfectly crafted cuts of drum and bass, built strictly for the dancefloor, this shows Objectiv at the height of his production techs; excelling at crafting both the component parts and the structure and flow of the tracks. This is a deeply unique-sounding release, and a very strong addition to Generations.

Our premiere ‘Heard But Not Seen’ sees Objectiv team up with emerging producer Metal Work. Ambience and filtered breaks form the intro, building a chaotic tension that splits wide open into a huge, wonky banger. Big warping basses writhe around under a stripped back, knocking break. A more aggressive sound than normally heard from the young producer, this is an absolutely balls-to-the-walls tune, characterised by super-rammed sidechaining, and abrasive sound design, all executed perfectly.

Another impeccable offering from Objectiv, definitely a release which shows the range of his production skills, but very suited to those deep, dark sessions.

Check out ‘Heard But Not Seen’ below, it’s released on Lifestyle Music on 23rd September, grab a copy here


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