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Katalyst teams up with Madrush MC on ‘Bassline Drop’


Run Tingz Recordings proudly presents ‘Bassline Drop,’ an electrifying Jungle Drum & Bass collaboration between DJ and producer Katalyst and the lyrical prowess of Madrush MC. This groundbreaking track intertwines Katalyst’s production prowess with Madrush MC’s captivating vocal delivery, resulting in a mesmerizing fusion of dark atmospheres and heavy beats that promise an enthralling auditory journey.

Katalyst, renowned for her energetic performances on stage, brings her wealth of experience and artistry to ‘Bassline Drop.’ Her journey through the electronic music landscape has seen her carve a niche for herself, consistently pushing the envelope of sonic experimentation within the Drum & Bass realm.

Teaming up with Katalyst is Madrush MC, a wordsmith extraordinaire, who injects soulful lyricism and commanding vocal performances into ‘Bassline Drop.’ Hailed for his ability to weave intricate storytelling into the fabric of his verses, Madrush MC’s collaborations span across various musical domains, showcasing his versatility and skill in elevating tracks to new heights.

‘Bassline Drop’ serves not only as a testament to the duo’s combined talents but also as a milestone in their collaborative journey. The track pays homage to the foundational roots of Drum & Bass and Jungle while boldly charting a course into uncharted territories. This collaboration highlights Katalyst’s forward-thinking approach to music production and Madrush MC’s lyrical finesse, offering a glimpse into the innovative future they envision for the genre.

Katalyst and Madrush MC are eager to share their creation with the world, expressing their excitement to unveil this powerful musical narrative that pushes boundaries and resonates with the core essence of Jungle Drum & Bass.

Check out our premiere of Katalyst ft Madrush MC ‘Bassline Drop’ below. The track drops via Run Tingz Recordings on Juno and Spotify on Friday 17th November and will be available everywhere else from Friday 24th November. Make sure you grab a copy from here!

Bassline Drop cover

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